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Heartworm disease symptoms in dogs

It’s hard to spot early signs of heartworm disease. That’s why it’s so important for your dog to be tested every single year. In the more advanced stages of the disease, symptoms include fatigue, labored breathing and coughing.2

If you see the following signs2 in your dog that has not been tested in the past few months, contact your veterinarian immediately.


Fatigue when exercising

Fatigue when exercising

Occasional coughing

Occasional coughing

Loss of weight and/or appetite

Loss of weight and/or appetite

Persistent fatigue, excessive coughing and shortness of breath (severe cases)

Persistent fatigue, excessive coughing and shortness of breath (severe cases)


Confirming the diagnosis

If your dog’s blood work has tested positive for heartworm antigens, your veterinarian will confirm the diagnosis with follow-up tests. Heartworm disease treatment can be complex and challenging for both you and your dog, so your veterinarian will want to confirm the right DIROBAN treatment plan.

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